Visa Information

Visa Information :

Your Australian Student Visa has a number of important rules that you need to adhere to while you study in Australia. Remember, it has been issued to you so that you can advance your educational qualifications. The key rules for international students to remember are:

  • you are required to study full-time in Australia;
  • you must attend at least 80 percent of all your scheduled classes to maintain a valid enrolment (education institutions are required by law to maintain attendance);
  • you must advise the Department of Immigration And Citizenship of any change to your address in Australia, or any change in your student status, or any transfer to another educational institution or if you withdraw from the course that you are enrolled in;
  • do not work more than 20 hours per week during your semester studies; and
  • you must extend your student visa before it expires if you are intending to stay in Australia after that expiry date.
  • Please remember that any breach of the Australian Student Visa conditions will result in its cancellation and your departure from Australia