Student Support

Veritas Institute Australia has a range of student support services for each phase of your journey with us. The institute’s Staff will support you in all 5 phases of student journey. Our available support examples are provided under each phase of your journey with us. For detailed information, please see our Student Handbook available on the website.

Phase 1

During the first Phase, we will endeavour to provide you with accurate information about our courses & services in a timely manner. Since this is a crucial stage as students choose their education providers, we are here to answer your questions (via phone, email, in person if onshore). Students will receive our Student Handbook containing important information including, but not limited to policies, procedures and your obligations. After reading Marketing Flyer, Student Handbook is the important document that will inform you about most things you need to know about the College and our services. Collectively, marketing information will allow you to make an informed decision whether this course and our services are suitable to your needs.

Phase 2

Phase 2 involves student’s enrolment experience with Veritas Institute Australia. Before finalising enrolment, the College ensures that potential students meet Admission criteria (English language, literacy & numeracy skills, age, academic & visa requirements, computer literacy). Upon completing enrolment application form, students will complete a pre-enrolment survey and will sit a brief oral interview answering a range of questions. Our enrolment staff will help students in case of any questions relating to pre-enrolment & enrolment phases. Information gathered along with documentary evidence during the Enrolment phase will allow the College to know whether students meet admission requirements for course (s) and services meet your individual needs. This phase is students’ chance to provide information relating to any course (s) completed before, so the College can assess and provide course credits. During this phase, we will support you by providing information about our course (s) & services, classes, assessment, fees, refunds & fees protection, complaints & appeals, deferment, course progress requirements, College obligations towards students and student obligations. Our main aim is that you understand our course structure, requirements and your own obligations and commitments.

Phase 3(Support and progression)

We will support you by providing you with access to sufficient support as identified during the enrolment phase. Our purpose here is to maximise the study outcomes for the student. We will make use of information provided by you to systematically assess whether you need any support. This support for example, may include helping you with English if you have problems understanding Australian English. The College has the provision of free extra classes and students will be informed regularly on how and when to access classes. The institute will support you by promptly responding to your complaints and appeals. Furthermore, we will conduct a comprehensive orientation session informing you about important milestones relevant to Course Progress that you need to know to complete your studies with us.

Phase 4(Training and assessment)

Our qualified trainers and assessors will be able to support you throughout your studies by using available means possible as per our Support Policy. The support will include extra classes, extended trainer contact, helping you with appeals, Skype support, email support, answering your questions within classes, providing reasonable adjustments during assessment if the need arises, allowing you 2 free attempts for assessment completions. Students will be able to access our facilities (i.e., simulated learning, computer lab, extra classes). Our course length is determined so that you absorb the required skills and knowledge. We will endeavour to provide you with valid & well-explained assessment activities reflecting fairness. Learning and assessment time table will be provided to you during the orientation, specifically guiding you to important milestones. Students will be given helpful feedback for their completed assessments, allowing positive outcomes.

Phase 5(Completion)

We will ensure that students receive AQF Certification in a timely manner. All Qualifications or Statement of attainments will be given to students within 30 Calendar days. All staff that is in immediate contact will support you for Certification-related requests.

For detailed information, please see our Student Handbook available on our website or contact our staff.


Guided by our five (5) CORE values: Attend, Learn, Sustain, Lead & Succeed, we are committed to supporting you in all phases of your journey with us. Our aim is to influence and touch your life positively. As an institution of vocational learning, we will provide you with quality & industry relevant education.