Things to know before you arive

After you have successfully obtained your Australian student VISA a variety of experiences await you, and it’s quite natural to face them with a blend of both excitement and anxiety about the unknown. The challenge is to take full advantage of the opportunities presented to you. The benefits of being part of a multicultural student population and society in Australia, will give you the chance to develop your knowledge and understanding of new cultures. Your time in Australia will be both challenging and rewarding.

Before you are ready to depart for Australia, make yourself comfortable by planning your initial days in Australia.

Given below is a suggestible checklist of items you should make yourself aware and carry.

  • A valid passport and a printed copy of your current student visa
  • A copy of Letter of Offer and written agreement from Veritas Institute Australia
  • A copy of CoE provided by Veritas Institute Australia
  • Health insurance details
  • Original transcripts and/or Completion Certificates if you only have a Provisional Offer
  • Receipts of payments already made to Veritas Institute Australia
  • College full address and contact number
  • Driver’s licence, national identification (ID) card, birth certificates etc..
  • Prescriptions to support your use of any required medications
  • Australian currency for the first few days, e.g. A$300 to A$500
  • If you have organised accommodation and airport pick up please make a note of the driver number name and accommodation address
  • A reference from your previous employer/s and your CV, if you plan to seek part-time employment after your course has commenced
  • Photos of your family and friends as well as any items to make your new surroundings feel more comfortable and familiar
  • Alarm clock, sewing kit, Bath towel, Calculator, home wear clothes, shoes, sport shoes, sandals/other casual footwear, Dictionary (Macquarie and Oxford are used in Australia), Hair-dryer, shaver (may need adaptor for 240 volts), Laptop or Tablet, Spare pair of spectacles and/or contact lenses and a current prescription, Toiletries, Trousers, shirts, t-shirts, shorts, undergarments and socks, Woollen jumper, jacket or coat, Swimwear, sports clothing and beach towel.

After you arrive in Australia

  • Call your family and friends, as they want to know that you have arrived safely.
  • Attend the college on your orientation date
  • Meet the college staff and some new friends
  • Explore and familiarise yourself with the college location
  • Take the time to explore and get to know the area where you live, and how to get to the college.
  • Open a bank account, or if you opened one when overseas, take your passport with you to the bank so you can withdraw funds.